Friday, December 16, 2011

Big Tree

And behind it, a big Boyce Institute:

Anybody getting the sense that I'm milking a roll that I shot a the Boyce Institute a while back and haven't been developing film lately? Well, I have been shooting, but it's been for more of a top secret kind of thing. I mean so top secret that I'm not going to be sharing it here. I'm not even going to be talking about it anymore. And no more teasing. Seriously. This is something I ain't talking about from now on so don't ask (seriously). But seriously, I have been chasing a shot lately. Actually more than lately, I've been chasing it for nearly a year I think, and still haven't gotten it. It's just that I've gotten a bit obsessed with getting it lately, and have been just chasing this one shot probably to the detriment of all my other work. I'm going to have to start branching out a bit again.

Just like that tree? Get it? You know, branching out? And there's a tree in the picture? A big tree?


What the hell man, what the hell. I just did the search and didn't see any of my photos come up. I'm not sure I'd ever say "gang bang." I'd probably say, "gangbang." Then again, when's the last time anybody ever used the word gangbang (or gang bang), or "orgy" to describe group sex? I mean, I don't think I've heard anybody say gang bang (or gangbang) since the great John Valby.

When I was younger and in my prime, I used to gang bang all the time.
But now I'm older and turning gray, I only gang bang once a day....

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