Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Genesis...

I'm of the thought that any good idea has already probably been thought of, including this one.

I'm also of the thought to say, "what the hell."

I'll try to keep this explanation as brief and not-boring as possible.

About a month ago I got a Lomography Lubitel. I felt self-conscious when I first hit the streets, thinking that people would see me as some kind of hipster with his fancy, faggoty camera.

But I found that it mostly got compliments from strangers (as New Yorkers are so prone to do). As I got comfortable with the Lubitel, I descended into all sorts of 120 madness, including winding it onto 620 spools and getting use out of cameras that I only had for show. It also spurned me to hit up flea markets and see if I could get some more oldies but goodies.

Thus the Yashica-Mat came into my life for $40. I took it to a place for a tune-up, and hit the streets running, and the compliments on the Y-M just kept on coming.

After a week, I decided that I'd ask to take the picture of anybody who felt the urge to compliment me on it, or start conversing about it. I figured it would also help me get over some shyness/interpersonal communication issues, and also get to the point where I can walk up to total strangers and ask them if I can take their photo without it seeming like the only reason I want to take it is because they're a total freak (which they are).

I'm not sure how brief and not-boring that was, but...on with the show.

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