Thursday, June 14, 2012

Central Park 2x

In Central Park, Central Park:

Wow, so it's been a week eh?  It's amazing how easy it is to stop doing something you've been doing virtually every day for almost three years.  As for this photo, I'm pretty sure I posted a different version of this a while back.  Though this is actually part of my current project, and without getting too specific, it involves me doing some high resolution scans of my work (selected photos, not the whole shebang) and then working them in photoshop to the best of my single photoshop class taken ability.  It's a pretty time consuming affair.

I'm not complaining or anything.  There's people breathing in death in coal mines or throwing themselves off balconies in iPad factories, so I have it pretty easy.  The end goal of all this work is pretty important, and it's worthwhile.  At least it's important and worthwhile to me.  Again, when the time's right I'll let you in on what all this work is about.  And when it's all done, I'll be hopefully posting a picture a day, every day once again, just moseying on with life.

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