Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Building Angles

That's looking upward up on Riverside Drive:

This one I'm liking, shot with the SWC.

I'm listening to Keith Jarret's Goldberg Variations. They're the only other Goldbergs I listen to besides Goulds' Goldbergs, though of Goulds' Goldbergs my favorite of the two is the 1981 recording. I do appreciate the 1955s, and how he singlehandedly turned classical music on its ear (much to the chagrin of some, to this day even I'm sure), but the 1981s just have so much more soul and feeling. I've gone through phases with those Goldbergs. I went a stretch when I listened to the entire 1981 recording every day for I don't know how long. Months, maybe. I remember listening to them on my fire escape in 2003 as the sun went down on a city that had lost power earlier that afternoon. No, that's not the entire story. I first listened to Black Sabbath's eponymous album (ooh, that's the second time I've used that word on this blog. I must be showing off!) and then put in Gould as I tried to see if there was any action going on in the other apartments me across the expanse of a non-existant NYC rooftop backyard, since all my action was coming from the boombox resting on my windowsill.

Bach and blackouts, perfect together.

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