Friday, November 26, 2010

Mike (maybe?)

Mike (maybe?) works at this massage joint down on Mott. If his name wasn't Mike it was something else deceptively American, since he spoke with a heavy Chinese accent. Maybe he's like those tech support guys in Bangalore named "Billy" so us xenophobe Americans don't get put off by talking to "Vijay." What put me off more was the idea that this guy worked at a massage joint, and that he might be responsible for happy endings.

By the way, I HATE the use of "happy ending" in this fashion. Paying to get jerked off by a complete stranger at the end of a faux massage isn't my idea of happiness. It feels great for a few moments, but that fades away as you wipe sticky shame off your belly. And if we continue to call it a "happy ending," what does that mean for Happy Meals?

I may never eat at McDonald's again...

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