Monday, November 8, 2010

He Ain't Heavy...

That's his brother:

At least they looked like they were brothers when I passed them. Well, they were brothers, and I'll take the liberty to assume that there may well have been a familial, fraternal relationship between the two. I think if there weren't those people in the front walking towards the camera and obscuring the outline of the brothers this would have been a much more better picture. As it is, I'm happy enough to have gotten them reasonably in focus while walking in low light focusing on the fly while walking just looking at the big square screen of the Rolleiflex and not using the magnifier as that was impossible and considering I was using ISO 100 film on an overcast day with the aperture probably open at 5something shooting at 1/100 of a second.

Right after I took this picture, the kid (the bigger kid) put the kid (the littler kid) down. I think that's what I really like about film. If I were following them with a digital camera, I could have just had my finger on the trigger shooting away and had maybe 100 photos to choose from. Here I got my chance for just one shot. That's what makes shooting with film so special in these times so modern they're already obsolete. I know I've written this elsewhere on the site, and while I don't like to repeat myself...shit. I forgot what I was going to say. But I think you get the drift of what I'm trying to say. Oh yeah, I remember now. What I was going to say was that even if you miss the shot (and I'm not saying that what I got here is pulitzer material) it's okay. You have to accept that you can't capture everything in life. You're going to miss those Hallmark moments. But just remember that there's always another one coming.