Monday, July 18, 2011

Steel Beam Cross


I don't know if they're going to move this to a more prominent place, or if it'll even be part of the memorial. Actually, I kind of doubt it, since, you know, maybe they want to keep any kind of religion out of what is a national, non-secular memorial. Then again, since our state and our churches should be separate, I'm not sure if there are any national secular memorials. Of course, our money says, "In God We Trust," on it, but nobody's perfect. Then again, the big three all worship the same god. Then again again, there are those other religions and philosophies which have many gods. Maybe, "In GODS We Trust" should be on our money to include them too. Then again again again, there are the atheists who don't want any mention of god on their money, so maybe it can say, "In God, or Gods most of us trust, while some of us don't give credence to that sort of thing, and even less of us actually respect the fact that some people might believe in god and not be some kind of religious maniacs but we're overshadowed by the loudmouth atheists who sound just as dogmatic as the people who believe the earth is only six-thousand years old and the rapture is coming in November, but those aren't the same people, just that one preacher dude who's now in a coma after his first rapture prediction didn't pan out but thousands of people sent him their life savings anyway because truly he needed the dough when he got up to heaven."

Then again, that might be too much to put on a penny. Then again again, how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?

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