Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Shooting the Shooters

In Washington Square Park:

This was part of a big B&H photo scavenger hunt I just happened to happen upon yesterday. I'll probably post more about this later on, since I still have more film to develop. Oh, and I also made an actual print of this image in a darkroom (yes, I'm getting into that sort of thing now). And let me tell you, there is no substitute for real darkroom printing when compared to the scanning negatives. It's making me think I've been going about this photo thing all wrong. Hell, I'll post the scanned print below. I'm not posting the highest res scan, but I think you can even see below the difference in sharpness between the two. Like in the small details, like that woman's hair on the left, the one with the glasses who's checking her camera, the one with the striped shirt. That one. And in other places. I've been doing myself a disservice.

Maybe you can't tell from a quick glance or two, but trust me.

Oh boy.

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