Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Say No to Crack!

Say yes to hack lines!

There are certain people (usually straight people) who say that displays like this work against the whole thing that homosexuals are just like any other people you meet, and works against their "cause." I say, who the fuck cares. The people who can't accept homosexuality won't be changed whether there's a black dude with his ass hanging out on the street, or even if they just know that somewhere, two men (or women, or maybe even more than two) are getting together performing all sorts of "unnatural" acts in the privacy of their own homes and not bothering anybody (unless the apartment walls are thin), and god forbid if they're in NY State, they might even get married!

PS: I like that the flag seller on the right is also in the shot.


  1. Well said, and great photo!

  2. Thank you! I have quite a pulpit here from the safety of my computer.

    And by the way, I owe you an almost portrait. You'll see what I mean when I send it to you.