Saturday, July 23, 2011

Working Out

By any means necessary, in SoHo:

I wish I could figure a way to have more contrast between this dude and the background. Well, maybe I'll experiment with actual printing in the darkroom and see if I can't finagle something there. Otherwise, I really like this one. And this was the only shot I was able to get off. This dude was exercising all over the street corner, much to the chagrin of a pushcart peanut vendor, and they had been having words. Actually, I was just hanging around waiting to take pictures in case a fight broke out when this dude jumped up to do his pull-ups. After that I left, possible fight be damned. I just think the exerciser was happy to be displaying his manliness not only to the vendor, but to the ladies strolling up and down Broadway. And who could blame him?

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