Monday, October 10, 2011

Gray Arch

Manhattan Bridge:

I just got some vintage expired rolls that I'll soon be developing. The cool thing is, they're dated to 1971, so at least I'll have some context to put them in. Much of the writing on the others was pretty illegible, but one of them said "dogs." So I'm assuming I won't end up with anything exciting like a photo of Hitler playing golf with Benjamin Netanyahu. But that's just crazy talk. I mean, that statement is ridiculous on so many levels, the very least being that Hitler was dead before Netanyahu was born. But it's just an extreme example of what I could and probably won't find on a 40 year old undeveloped roll of film. I mean, I'm not comparing anybody to Hitler or Netanyahu, I'm just using them as an example of an outrageous situation.

That's okay, right?

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