Saturday, October 8, 2011


Downtown occupation:

I wonder if this shot is too busy. I'm sure it could benefit from some cropping. This was taken last week. I was there again yesterday. Things seem a bit more organized now. There's now tape laid down to designate the walkways, and the occupiers sit or are lying down behind it. It's like going to the zoo. You walk around, you see protesters in their natural habitat, you take a picture, and you move on. It's a tourist attraction at this point. The double decker buses drive by on Broadway, and anybody going down to see the World Trade Center construction only has to walk half a block before they can see the everybody with their signs and drums and demonstrations.

I mean, the occupiers don't think of themselves as a tourist destination, but they are. They're an attraction. Just like last week, I saw plenty of people with film cameras, all out to get some artistic shots of young people trying to change the system. None of us stay for the long haul, we get our shots, then run back home to develop. We go when there might be something interesting happening, but don't want to be too close when things get hairy. Or at the very least, we don't want to get hurt.

Or maybe I'm just talking about myself.

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