Monday, October 17, 2011

Roxy on the Pillow

Taken about two months ago, at least:

I wasn't expecting to put this picture up today. I was just looking through the negatives and there it was, and I figured why not. It's my blog for crying out loud, and if I want to populate it with my recently late lizard, I can do that. Christ, this might have been taken 3 months or longer ago, back when he was only blind and dehydrated, but was still eating and breathing normally.

The pillows were my dad's idea, and simply ingenious. When I first told him that Roxy was going blind and that I wasn't feeling good about putting him on the cat stand without falling off, he just suggested them right off. It had never occurred to me. Now if you look closely at his pillows, you'll see they're from Bloomingdale's. Yes, Roxy was a fancy lizard that only fell on the best pillows money can buy (well, at least the best pillows my parents' money could buy since they were a gift to me). So for the last few months of his life, Roxy fell onto, and slept on Bloomingdale's king sized pillows, while I was stuck with the best Bed Bath and Beyond pillows I could afford.

His pillows are still there. I still look in whenever I walk by, expecting to see him there. One of these days I'm going to have to start the removal of his habitat. I'm not ready just yet. Hell, it's only been three days. But sometime this week I'm sure I'll stuff those pillows into a garbage bag, and start the process of moving forward.

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