Tuesday, October 4, 2011

When They Say, "Post No Bills"

They mean it:

And some moments later:

You see the wheelchair dude in the first shot? I felt I could have gotten a better shot of him, but as I've talked on this site before, I don't always want to go for that kind of exploitation shot (though all photography is exploitation). I like street photography, but sometimes it all seems so typical. You always get the same shots of bums and rejects and blah blah blah...everybody clamoring to catch some drama. Who am I kidding, I'll catch some drama just as long as nobody catches me catching it.

I was actually just working on a personal piece, but I don't feel entirely comfortable putting it up here. Not today, at least. Maybe sometime in the future. I've already written most of it out, but I don't feel entirely comfortable with it just yet. Maybe someday.

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