Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Stroll in the Park

Right foot, left foot. Right foot, left foot...

Over on the right, if you can see in the dark there, you might spy a grand piano, and standing in front of it would be Colin Huggins. He's been dragging a piano to the park for a few years already to the delight of those within earshot. Lately he's been fighting the good fight against Bloomberg and the park cops. A few months ago, Bloomberg started cracking down on buskers in the park, equating them with vendors, basically shutting them out of the park (long story short. It's been in the news, look it up). He's defied these orders and has accrued plenty of fines, which are being fought in court. Ron Kuby's on it, so here's to hoping.

Outside there's a wind chill of 24 degrees (I know that's not super cold, but just go with me here), and in here it's a balmy 80.

It's official, winter has winted!

I had the chance to meet Richard Benjamin some years back and didn't even ask him about Saturday the 14th.


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