Friday, March 23, 2012

Circus Cinema


Times Square, summer 1991.

I was taking a summer session in cinematography at NYU, and we had an assignment to walk around the city and just shoot. I can't recall why I chose to go to Times Square. Maybe I went there because there because it wasn't Disneyland just yet. I wrote about this class a long time ago in one of these here blog posts. Maybe I'll find the link and throw it in this one. I wrote about how we had to take pictures and show him our "best," and how he liked a certain one of mine. Yeah, I'll be showing that one here, and boy, won't you be blown away.

I also have more thoughts now that I'm looking at all these shots I took 20 and 21 years ago, but Spartacus, Vengeance is about to start on Starz, and I'm about to pass out.

Either pass out, or dangerously close to ranting uncontrollably here in a overtired state (though there really is no such thing as "overtired" as someone once pointed out to me).

Okay, enough already. On with the show.

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