Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The New Hipster Paradise

Little Italy during San Gennaro!

Yes, walking among the carnival games, handmade cigar stalls, and cannolis could be found the North American Hipster. As you can see, he's wearing a shirt depicting an advertisement for Tootsie Roll Pops done in a style popularized over 35 years ago, yet the shirt itself is not vintage, but is actually new. The purpose of this shirt is to demonstrate that he simultaneously can express a romantic fondness for a time gone by, yet also is modern enough to drop $35 on a t-shirt, and defying those in the crowd sporting anything by Affliction or Tapout.

He also wears his hair in a fashion that advertises to anybody who sees it that he cannot drive 55.

I wonder how many licks it takes this guy to get a mouthful of don't ask don't tell.


  1. Thank you Lisa.

    Was it the hair comment that pushed you over the edge? I hope so.