Thursday, October 7, 2010

Over Her Shoulder

Taken at San Gennaro, on its last day, on Mulberry Street:

I think it was an exercise in self-torture that I decided to walk to the South Street Seaport via Mulberry on the last day of San Gennaro. Though it was a good opportunity to have the SWC out and take pictures of people who didn't know they were having their pictures taken of them (yes, I know what I wrote). But even then I realized that I should have brought faster film. I was shooting with 400 and pushed to iso800, but I should have been out there with 3200 shooting at 3200, since then I'd be stopped down (yeah, smaller is "down," right?) and would have had a greater depth of field. But I also saw it as an exercise in being able to judge distances on the fly while setting the focus ring (hopefully) accordingly.

Even though there's a little blur to her, I dig this one.

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