Monday, February 21, 2011

Day on Bald Fountain

Please pardon my modest Mussorsky joke.

Get it? "Modest?" Boy do I crack myself up!

What other photoblog are you going to get Mussorsky humor? I mean, we're talking a pun to describe a joke! Name it and I'll eat my homburg. Okay, now to more pressing matters.

So yesterday I said I'd be developing new rolls that I shot in the SWC over the weekend. This is true. I have one hanging and drying right now. However, I'm kicking myself (metaphorically). I've been so used to my goto film being Ilford Delta Pro 100, I plum (plumb?) forgot that I went out this weekend with Ilford Delta Pro 400. I realized this during my final water rinse. Two minutes too short in the "soup" (as the pros call it. I don't like calling it soup. I prefer "juice." Yes, I know I wrote about this somewhere on this blog once before). So I unnecessarily pulled my exposure to 200. The images did come out, but I won't really know the damage until I get them under the scanner. I have no idea how much I'll be able to finagle in photoshop. And you know what, I'm pretty fucking happy with what I shot. All architectual shots, but I'm very happy with the compositions and my handling of the SWC after not touching it for a few months. Damn Damn Damn. I know, I can always revisit those sites (and I think I just might do that). But it just goes to show that it's never too late to just not think. I am ever so pissed.

Oh yeah, looking at the above photo, I don't know if that's actually the fountain that's shooting up from between that dude's legs. This is Greenwich Village, you know (yes I'm talking about semen. If you can show me another photoblog that makes a Mussosrsky joke and a semen joke in the same post, let alone the course of the blog, I'll fucking retire from this photo business altogether and become an accountant like my grandfather wanted me to).