Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tunnel Path

In Central Park:

I was a bit wary when I stopped to take this photo. The group of adults on top of the bridge had been throwing snowballs in my general direction as I approached. I mean, they weren't throwing them at me, but I was hoping that they'd be mature enough to spare me the indignity of being a snowball throwing victim. I mean, if they were kids, that would have been another thing. Hell, if kids threw snowballs at me I'm not sure I'd be too entirely mad. That's what kids are supposed to do, to throw snowballs at strangers and get the hell outta Dodge. But I'd expect more than adults. I didn't relish the idea of trudging up the hill there and confronting them. Yes, this whole scenario had played itself out in my head as I was taking this picture, and then once I started moving forward. Fortunately (or unfortunately for you readers) I don't have an interesting story about being pelted by snowballs thrown by adults who should know better.

Maybe next snowfall.

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  1. Were you regressing back to a childhood snowball incident? Well, for the record I regressed into mine. Thanks.