Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Positively 3rd Street

Not 4th Street, but 3rd Street:

This was from the second roll I developed, this morning. I remembered to let this one stew for 7 minutes instead of 5, though the 5 minute roll didn't come out as horribly as I anticipated. Today we're going in reverse. The photo info is coming first. The humor is coming second.

Did you hear that Khadafy is bombing his own cities? Who does he think he is, the mayor of Philadelphia?

I'll give anybody a shiny new nickel if they get that one without having to search it on the internet.

Also, I realized I have unfinished business from yesterday's Mussorsky humor. I should have ended by saying that maybe one day I'll have my pictures at an exhibition! How did I miss that one? It's so obvious!

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