Sunday, March 27, 2011

Barbershop Duet

Well, maybe a quartet if you count the gentleman in the background and the cut off figure on the left:

Yes, we are back in the barbershop after hours for this shot as well. I'm sure by now you recognize the bearded fellow from yesterday's post on the right. But who's that in the center? He has plenty of hair, but he's definitely not there to get a cut. He too, will soon be hard at work on a Saturday night. And like yesterday's caveat, more will be revealed when his proper profile picture gets posted (I'm actually a little worried about how it'll come out, but maybe I'll just shelve those worries until I see the final product). But yes, this shot was definitely the calm before the storm that hit Flemington, New Jersey that fateful eve.

That fateful eve? Yikes.

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