Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Silver Sharkskin

At Fulton Pier:

I always wanted a sharkskin suit. I'm not sure I'd wear one to my wedding (I think I'll go tails and top hat like my old man for that event, whenever that is). But someday maybe that dream will come true when I'll have a green sharkskin suit with matching shoes, socks, shirt, tie, and hat, just like this slick black dude I saw up at a Concord Hotel singles weekend oh so many years ago back when I was a kid. No, I wasn't there for the singles weekend, I was there with my grandfather and a bunch of other old Zionists from the Bronx at their annual Catskills getaway. They're all dead now, even the hotels.

Oh, and this is not the Guinness Record Holder I was alluding to yesterday. I'm hoping if I get my act reasonably together that'll be up either today or tomorrow.

I'm sure you'll be waiting by the computer until then.

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