Monday, January 31, 2011

Firetruck Snow

On University, in front of Weinstein:

I don't think there were any jumpers on that day. I'm not sure when the last time an NYU student made the leap. As for all that other film I was talking about developing, I'm getting to that soon enough. But I might have to get a milkshake first. I don't know how much longer Häagen-Dazs is going to have Peppermint Bark ice cream available. I feel like I've written this here already. Either that, or it's been on my mind a lot lately (yes, these are the issues of the day that occupy my thoughts). I know I've discussed it with friends. Or maybe thought about discussing it with friends. I've gotten to a point where I can't remember whether I've actually said or written something, just thought about saying it or writing it, just thought about it at all, or maybe just dreamed it.

Is that a sign I'm losing grip on reality, or maybe I'm just easing into reality finally after all these years?

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