Monday, January 24, 2011

Triple Birch

First the photo, then the story:

A friend of mine suggested I take this picture. She liked the contrast of the three birch trunks against the rest of the scene. Though she wasn't sure if it would pass muster in black and white. In real life, they had a yellow tinge to them that was somewhat out of place amongst the white snow and the regular-colored trees (What color is a tree? I don't know. Tree colored?).

I sent her the picture earlier today and she wrote back saying it was "beautiful." I told her I wasn't sure I agreed, since to me it just looks busy, but she likes it so I'm not going to put up much of an argument. Never argue with somebody when they say your work is beautiful. Though she also admitted she is a sucker for trees, tree branches, and snow on trees and tree branches (this I already knew). She's fond of painting trees. I mean, she paints pictures of trees, that is to say, she makes paintings of trees. She doesn't actually paint trees. There's probably an ordinance against that sort of thing. I'm sure you'd get some kind of ticket if you just started whitewashing trees. I'm sure you could keep saying it's "art" all the while as the NYPD fills out your summons.

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