Monday, January 17, 2011

Wiseass Cows

Here's the picture, then I'll give you the deal:

Here's the deal.

Remember the barn complex from the other day, I was driving over to take a picture of that when I looked at the rise across the street and saw cows milling about. I pulled over and got the YashMat, and saw that the cows had taken an interest in me, and had come to the edge of the fence. How cool! I was going to get some nice closeup shots of some cows! Nobody's ever done that before!

So I get out of the car (mom's minivan, actually. don't knock it, it's the car of the future with automatic remote control opening and closing doors and satellite radio and has pretty good pickup too) and start to make my way across the street. When I got to the beginning of the rise, they all scattered! Stupid jerk cows! It's not like I was coming at them like Anton Chigurh. I managed to get a shot of one of them that was brave enough to stick around, then walked down the street a ways to take the barn complex shot.

I walked back to the car, stowed the camera, and put it into drive. I looked to my left to see that all the cows had come back! There they were, back at the edge of the fence. Taunting me. Well, I threw it into park and leaned out the window for a few farewell shots before I got on my way.

I like that one cow all the way on the right. It makes me think about Gary Larson.

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