Saturday, September 3, 2011

She'll Kill Me if She Sees This

It's not just that I forgot her name. It's someone I've talked to a few times, and I even have her card. I can't find her card, but I have it somewhere. And it's not just an ordinary card, it's a handmade card that's more of a construction than just a thin piece of cardstock, and somehow I can't find it in any of my overstuffed desk drawers. Anyhoo, she's an artist. A photographer. She makes art and sells it on West Broadway. She's also really nice and pleasant to talk to (or with, take your pick). I know she has my card. If you see this, please forgive me. Or maybe I'll just start running in the other direction.

Today I saw two separate people with one arm apiece, a dude with no legs, and a dude with one eye. I think they might have been the human version of Voltron disassembled.

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