Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The View From 30 Stories Up

Remember I mentioned I was on a rooftop pool? Here's one of the vistas visible from up there:

But now the question...Where was I? Can any of you figure it out, or see any major landmarks that rings a bell? The person who guess right gets absolutely nothing from me. Of course, I'm assuming people even still look at this thing and I'm not sure I'm building goodwill by saying that I'll give you absolutely nothing. But what could I give? Well, I'd be impressed that you know where I was, and I'm sure knowing that must be good for something.

If anybody should recognize where this is and then wonder why I didn't call, I apologize. I was in and out like a teabag. Like literally less than 24 hours. Just enough time to hang out at the pool, have dinner, and nearly die from cat allergies. Another time, perhaps.

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