Friday, September 30, 2011

Why Did I Take These Pictures?

I'll give you one guess. No, I'll give you two guesses:

And as you clearly see, I couldn't decide which photo to use, so I chose to post both. Hell, it's my blog and I'll post if I want to.

So today I occupied Wall Street. Well, that's not really true, but I did go down there to shoot. Admittedly, the only reason for me to go down there at first was the unfounded rumor that Radiohead was going to show up to serenade the upstarts. Even though I already knew before I left the house that Thom and the Gang wouldn't be there, I figured I should go down anyway. I mean, after all, I am a photographer (allegedly).

And let me tell you, I never saw so cameras. They were everywhere. I haven't seen so many film cameras in one place in one time probably in a decade. There were 35mm Leicas and Nikons. I saw a Mamiya 7, and a Rolleiflex TLR. I saw another Hasselblad 500 series. We even bumped into each other (not literally). "When Hasselblads collide" was my comment. I was rolling with the 500CM, the SWC, and the K1000. I feel like I'm forgetting others...a Holga (but I'm not sure that counts). And I ran into people I knew too. I had a feeling I would. Nobody I knew was "occupying" but they too were compelled to see what was going on, or at the very least be able to maybe say that they saw The Thom Yorke International Silver String Submarine Band play. But alas, the only music was an ongoing drum jam, and I said, "boy, Radiohead sure has gone downhill" to anybody who cared to listen to me (it turns out nobody cared to listen to me).

I got some portraits too. Hopefully they'll be decent, light-leak free shots. But this time I noted which back I used in the camera. I'll get to the bottom of this light leak mystery. I feel like I haven't mentioned it lately. I recently developed a roll from the SWC and it was rife with light leaks on the right side. I now have to figure out if this was the back, the camera, or maybe a certain back with a certain camera...There's going to be a process of elimination to figure out what's going on here.

Have I bored you enough? I've bored me enough. Let's post these asses already.


  1. C'mon, don't start messing with us Holga people....that is the camera that brought me back into the film family again. I may even take my 1950's Leica out for a spin (once I get over the fear of loading the damn thing).

    I hear the protests are going to start soon up here on Bay Street in Toronto.....

  2. I kid, I kid (somewhat). It was walking by the Lomography store down here that got me back into photography. I've since walked away from Lomography. I did a long post on it somewhere on here, about my love/hate relationship with it. How I'm thankful that it brought me back into this world, and how it's turning film photography into some kind of hipster fad.

  3. We can take credit for being at the forefront of being hipsters! The best part about all the 'youth' getting into film photography is it may keep us in film for longer than what was predicted.

    Looking forward to your protest photos.