Saturday, April 7, 2012

Concord Hotel Lobby, Then and Then




No longer extant.

This was my first attempt at then and now photography, knowing that they were going to revamp the Concord Hotel. I'm assuming in 1985 it was still the original lobby configuration and decor. Well, probably for at least 30 years previous to that, who knows. I could spend more time here going on about my weekends spent at this place and other hotels in the region and wax on about the waning (see what I did there, waxing and waning?) years of the Borscht Belt era, but I can't right now. This place is a mess and it isn't going to clean itself, despite what all those magazines in 1950s promised about how we'd all have self-cleaning houses in the year 2000 and we'd be living on the moon and walking on sidewalks in the sky when we didn't have our own flying cars.

So until then...

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