Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I was sitting right near them on a bench, trying to be unobtrusive as I was sneaking shots of a homeless wheelchair type person nearby (of course) when they engaged me in conversation about my camera (the Yashica-Mat, I think. I mean, look at those light leaks. I'm not getting those from the Rolleiflex). I asked them if they were students and they said, "yes."

"NYU?" I asked.

"No, high school!" they said with a little bit of shock. Heck, how should I know these things? Heck, it wasn't even 3pm and it was a weekday. Looking at them a bit closer, I suppose it seemed that they did look a bit younger than 18. But more importantly, where the heck is that order? I'm calling in another 5 minutes if this General Tso and his chicken doesn't show up.

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