Sunday, April 22, 2012


So here's two shots of May. I like the composition of the first one, but I prefer the look on her face in the second one. I'm sure if I were a better photoshopper I could figure out how to put one on the other, but it's hard enough just to photoshop just enough so it doesn't look like I'm using photoshop.  This is what I get for using the SWC for portraits without the viewfinder.  But the viewfinder for the SWC isn't even attached to anything, so why bother?  I prefer to use The Force.  And look what The Force gets me...too much headroom.  For some reason I feel determined to figure this out without the removable viewfinder.  Me and my headroom...

Oh, and if this works, it looks like I've figured out how to make a paragraph break with this new Blogger interface without using HTML.  Despite this, I stand by my criticisms contained in yesterday's post.  This interface update was really unnecessary, and it's just clunkier than before.

Thanks a lot.


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