Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Marlboro Medium

But dig those reflections! Yes, I'm telling you where to look. Summer 1991:

Apropos of nothing, the best way to get the freshest cupcakes at Crumbs is to get the cupcake of the week, or to get the timely, themed cupcakes. Like they have all of these Easter themed cupcakes that I'm eating my way through this week. I don't know if they're going to offer a matzo cupcake come Friday. I can see it now, a matzo cupcake with horseradish filling and a bitter herb garnish on top. I forgot if they actually do have Passover approved kosher kupcakes. I know I'm not going to order the Ten Commandments cupcake. When you order it, the counterperson has to go upstairs to get it, and when she comes back down, she throws it on the floor in disgust before going back upstairs to get a second one.

Can't we operate a single holiday without any goddamn guilt?

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