Monday, April 26, 2010

Blurry Yorkie

I don't even remember taking this one. I think this came from a day a while back...Easter Sunday, actually. Even though it doesn't really feel like Easter was a whole long time ago. It's not like the dog was wearing a hat or anything:

I think (hope) my scanner issues have passed. Perhaps I've been fully forgiven for being led up the garden path to seemingly sharper pastures. I'll keep myself parked right here...

It's all good, yo.

I'm in the midst of getting some long-needed developing done, trying to get rid of the last of the HC-110B that I've had like for over a month (two months, maybe?) in one of those collapsible bottles to keep the air out, yet you can't pour from the thing to save your damn life without getting that overly viscous shit all over yourself.

Okay, there's no way in hell I'm watching Jessica Simpson's "The Price of Beauty."

No way.
Not once, not never.

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