Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tony and Scott (l-r)

I saw Tony and Scott approaching as I was lining up a shot of the courthouse in the background. One of them mimed taking a picture with his hands, and we were off and talking.

They're from Paris, yet Scott now lives in Brooklyn. Tony is just in town visiting. I forgot to ask if the volcano was keeping him here in America longer, but I don't think he'd mind spending extra time with his twin frère.

Scott asked me if I ever took any pictures of jazz musicians during a gig, since he plays. I forgot to ask him what instrument, or what kind of jazz, or how large a combo (or maybe he's a solo act). Will this chance encounter lead me to take photos of jazz musicians gigging?

On verra.

On verra.


  1. hey iam Tony.
    Its incredible to see this picture.
    Thank you!
    Iam In paris Now, and I play Piano, and Scott play Violin in NY
    I miss my twin and I miss NY!!

    Tony Tixier