Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Howie and Billy (l-r)

I was keeping to myself, waiting for a friend in the lobby of a West Village apartment building as Billy slowly made his way out. "It works?" he said, motioning to the camera.

"Yeah, I'm just loading it up with film."

"Is it warm outside? I hope it isn't too warm."

"It's pretty nice," I said, "just about right."

"My favorite temperature is 40 degrees. It keeps all the bums off the streets."

At least I thought he said, "bums." At first I thought he said "bugs," yet do bugs really congregate on the streets?

About five minutes later my friend came down and we ran into Billy again, who was slowly making his way down the street with his friend Howie, who had just met up with him. "Don't grab my ass," Billy said to my friend as we approached from behind.

"I make no promises!" I replied.

After some small talk with the two, my friend and I kept going and I said, "I wish I had asked him for a photo," after which my friend said that it would make his day, and we headed back.

When I told Billy I wanted a photo he asked, "Where is it going to appear, in the Homo News?"

Unfortunately I don't carry such credentials, so this website will have to do for now.

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