Sunday, June 20, 2010

Broadway and Prince

Another one from the ZX-M archives, or, "someone spent too much time out with an old friend he wasn't expecting to see but was very glad he did and got to spend some really quality in person time with him instead of having inappropriate exchanges via text message or on StupidBook":

I always thought that dude in the center had somewhat of a pained expression on his face.

Oh and speaking of pains....

Remember like the other day (I think) I mentioned that I had taken some shots with some Verichrome of an unknown age (I got it unboxed). well, I unrolled it to put into a reel, and....well, the backing paper stuck to most of the roll. I still got it on the reel and now it's in the fridge. But here's the question. Do I really try to get the backing paper off or not?

I've developed film before with the backing paper stuck to part of the film and have gotten some pretty interesting results. Though I've never had this much of it stuck before. I'm thinking I'll soak the hell out of it (maybe for over an hour), then get really agitated with it, and then pour the stuff out top off so the gunk doesn't clog up the fancy plastic top thing that keeps out the daylight. Then maybe I'll give it the running water treatment before closing it up and developing. And I'm sure some of the paper will still be stuck or hanging around or doing god knows what in that tank once I start pouring chemicals into it.

Or I might just say to hell with it and develop normally, and see what accidents befall me.

Funny, I tell people I'm primarily a writer yet you'd never know it from reading this.

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