Friday, June 25, 2010

Dumpster Alley

I'd hate to find this at the end of a rainbow, unless it was filled with gold, or chocolate, or even those gold foil covered chocolates that Jews find so tasty even though they're made with crappy chocolate. Then again, I never turn down some chocolate gelt when it's thrown my way:

I don't remember exactly where in Chelsea this was, just in case you wanted to investigate and actually find out if it's a dumpster filled with chocolate or not. Great, now I can't get the idea of a chocolate-filled dumpster out of my head. You know, I think it's just about that time of year to turn on the air conditioner. Crazy, I know.

If you should be reading this (and I daresay why not), and are wondering where your picture is. Well...I don't know if you read some posts down about me taking some shots with some old film and having the backing paper stuck to it and wondering how to go about developing it. Well, that was the roll I was using when I took your shot.

I developed it yesterday and got nothing. I didn't even get something half-destroyed yet "interesting" so it could count as "art." Such is the fickleness of that damned old film.

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