Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Clover Delicatessen

I still don't exactly know what eyebrow threading is, but it kind of scares me:

In case you're wondering about the drama unfolding on the sidewalk, well, it wasn't any drama to speak of. The child didn't fall down backwards. He was just getting up. He and mom (presumably) had just finished some kind of business that required them to sit on the sidewalk. Maybe they were having some kind of think tank discussion about the oil spill and bucking for a spot in the RAND corporation, I really don't know. But sometimes when ideas come to you, you just have to sit down wherever you are and think it out.

For some reason, I can't get Waiting for the Robert E. Lee out of my head. This might be the start of a Wolfe Gilbert phase, I don't know. Is that in any of the medical books? Maybe if I lobby hard enough I can get it into the next DSM.

It's the good ship Robert E. Lee,
that's come to carry the cotton awaaaaaaaaaay!

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