Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Past Comes Alive

Here's one of those VP 620 rolls I developed. That is, all the shots that's fit to print.

This appears to me to be some kind of school scene. Like some kind of class perhaps:

At first I didn't notice the boys in front mugging for the camera, but I can respect that. I ruined most of my bar-mitzvah shots much in the same way. And I'm just noticing that boy sticking out his tongue leaning on the tree on the left, behind the other boy who might be yelling "cheese." I like that girl in the center just standing there with her arms folded.

And here we have a principal-type, perhaps waving goodbye to the kids. Then again, he may be saying hello to George Lincoln Rockwell:

We may never know.

I wish the cars were clearer in the background of this blurry shot, but looking at the profile of the one on the right (and other evidence on this roll), I'm thinking this was taken in the 60s. She seems like a nice woman, no?

I like her ensemble.

Then we have this lovely woman. I'm guessing she hadn't yet heard of the dress shield:

i'm thinking that might be a Ford station wagon in the background? Some research is leading me to believe it's a mid to late 60s Fairlane. Or maybe it's a Country Sedan. Either way, it's definitely dating this roll to the 60s, and I'm going with that mid to late era, even though people in middle America (or wherever this was taken) could still look like they were out of the 50s.

I would guess this next one was taken indoors:

And yes, I'm digging the glasses.

This one I did the least amount of photoshop post-processing with:

And here's one where the kids actually somewhat look at the camera:

I like the look of the girl with the thing tied around her head.

The next shot was too dark to do anything with, but the shot after that produced something that I'm not entirely sure what happened:

I'm not sure if there's a reflection or a double exposure going on or a little of both.

Next up we're looking through a window, with some serious bleed through from the backing paper:

I can't tell anything about the car in the foreground other than it's definitely from the 60s, and maybe even the way early 70s. And maybe that's a VW Microbus in the driveway?

The ultimate, or last shot of the roll was shot, so we (we? maybe I mean the royal "we") leave you with this group picture:

Wait...does that kid second from the right look like he might be black? It's about time some diversity showed up on this roll.

I seem to have moved past my Wolfe Gilbert phase with all of its borderline racist, yet appropriate for the time lyrics. But now I'm onto something much much worse. I must be getting punished for something.

Cheeseburger in Paradise

Why me God? I mean, if it has to be Jimmy Buffett, why can't it be Why Don't We Get Drunk And Screw? Even Margaritaville would be fine. But Cheeseburger In Paradise?

The horror.
The horror.


  1. Wow, look at those great photos that the people in them never got to see themselves! Unless they are reading your blog, then they could fess up to who and what was really going on...

    Haven't we all heard the stories about certain cultures who believe that by taking their photo, you take their souls? Well, what if in some bizarre way you have done the opposite and released some of them back to us now? Cool!

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  4. I'm also so tired, I don't know if you saw my now-deleted responses, I thought I was responding to someone else!

    But I think you just the same. It's a lot of fun bringing these rolls back from an unknown past and wondering just what might be on them.

    I have my other one ready to go, yet haven't scanned the images so far. It'll probably be some time in the next week, once I exhaust images from my current crop of slide film that I just got back today.

  5. Too bad I missed your deleted comments! I will stay tuned.....

  6. You missed nothing, other than me having a conversation with someone who I thought was someone else.

    How embarrassing!