Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Name Forgotten (l), and Name Not Given (r)

He was the one who commented on the Rolleiflex. He told me he was a fashion designer. I asked the young lady next to him what she did, and she said, "nothing." In turn, I told her that I had a healthy respect for doing nothing.

Probably too healthy.

PHOTO NOTES (oh goody!)
I was happy this picture came out at all. Before I took the shot, I took care to take a meter reading. After the shot I realized I hadn't bothered to actually adjust my aperture, which had been stopped down from shooting in sunlight just before. I figured developing in Diafine added with a little boost from Photoshop might do the trick. I'm sure the Diafine helped, but I actually didn't do much with Photoshop, just a little bit of my own custom brand of linear contrast. I liked this one the best out of my three candidates, the other two being brighter.

Are you bored yet? I'm bored. I've bored us all.

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