Saturday, June 11, 2011

W Hotel Clouds

From Union Square:

These clouds were way more impressive in person than they turned out to be on film. Ansel Adams I ain't. Maybe I should read those books he wrote about taking pictures. I have them over here. They look really nice on the bookshelf...

By the way, I developed that Verichrome 620 roll that I shot in the Medalist a few days ago. I went 5+5 in Diafine at about 28 degrees celsius (room temperature), and I got NOTHING. I'm not sure if it was the film or the developer. I just developed some 127 Efke 100 in Diafine and it did just fine. Maybe I'll go back to the Ilfosol 3 for developing old film shot in modern times.

Fascinating stuff...yeah right.


  1. Not bad; but you need a dark red filter (#25) for those *really* impressive clouds.

  2. Yes, I never seem to have one of those on me when I need one!