Sunday, September 20, 2009

And Now, A Word From Our Sponsor...

There will be a short break in the, "Hey Nice Camera" series, as I've posted all the people that have said, "hey, nice camera" to me so far. This was inevitable since:

A: I started this project in late August
B: Schoolwork has a way of keeping you from wandering around the city all day with a YashMat hoping people will say, "hey, nice camera."

HOWEVER...I had a good day today with the YashMat. I got at least six new portraits in the can (that's shoptalk I picked up in film school, "in the can"), and hopefully since it's Ilford Delta Pro and not my usual Ektachrome VS (ooh, look at me being all cool and pretentious, mentioning just the name of the film, assuming people know what I'm talking about...yech), I should have the results tomorrow night.

Of course, the simple solution to this would for me to not use a YashMat, and just walk around with a DSLR. But EVERYBODY and their dead uncle has a DSLR, so nobody is particularly going to single me out and compliment me for buying something available at any store that's been "Going Out Of Business" for the past 20 years.

Another solution would be to get a digital medium-format camera. Hasselblad has a really nice one for only $29K. I have some change saved up, so look out CoinStar!

So here for your viewing pleasure, is an arm's length self-portrait of the artist as a younger man, taken with an Ansco Shur-Shot in Washington Square Park way back in 1992.


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