Sunday, September 27, 2009


It was an average day at school for me. I was killing time before a class when I ran into my friend Ashley. She told me there was a reception going on for the Prime Minister of Nepal. I asked, "Will there be free food?"

Less than ten minutes later I was choking down as many apple chutney pastries as I could while standing in a group of people all trying to get a photograph of Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal. Nicole was scrunched in next to me when she said, "That's an awesome camera."

"You know," I said, "I have a project where I take pictures of people who compliment me on the camera."

"Is that so," she responded.

"Here's my card."

"So you really do have a project!"

"Of course! What did you think, that I was some kind of pervert?"


"Well, that goes without saying, but I really am doing this project."

Nicole was gracious enough for me to take her picture and hope that it would come out reasonably well, given the indoor light. I'm a big fan of 100 speed film. Grain is for the birds (oh, that's terrible). Though I realized that as much as I love 100iso for my outside shots, you never know when you might end up having to go inside somewhere and take a picture of a prime minister. Such is my life.

So I got a flash the other day, and I'll be prepared the next time for just such an emergency. Though looking at some of the work on this page, I could have used it in my outdoor shots too, especially as fill on half-lit faces.

You know, I might be learning something after all.

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  1. it was nice to meet a fellow party crasher that day