Saturday, September 12, 2009


When she walked into McDonald's I thought to myself, "I know that person!"

It was my old friend Emily. I'd probably known her for maybe ten years, at least, from a dump we both used to hang out at downtown. I was surprised to see her, since I knew she had moved back to Philadelphia to become a veterinarian, and was now continuing her studies in the Caribbean.

She wasn't staying in the city too long, and mentioned her plans for the following night, which included a sojourn at the usual dirty-watering hole. I told her that I hadn't gone out at all over the summer, and that I'm really completely over going "out" at all. I'm through with hanging out in bars and watching other people get drunk.

I told Emily I'd try to get out, but I think we both knew that we wouldn't be seeing each other the next evening.

Emily, you said you weren't photogenic as I lined you up in the viewfinder. I tend to disagree. If you think the above picture is proof that I'm wrong, then there's definitely something at fault with the photographer.

And that goes without saying.

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