Saturday, May 28, 2011


The first time I met Colleen I was the one doling out the compliments on her Nikkormat. This time around, I took an old school picture of her with an old school camera, the Kodak Baby Brownie (Ca. 1930something). I even went old school and held it up to my eye like they would in the old days so there's plenty of headroom and she's just a little blurry since she was standing less than six feet away. Also, there are some light leaks with this camera that I'm not entirely thrilled with, but I do love that Art Deco masterpiece that is the Baby Brownie. I think I might have to find another one, or at the very least find an aesthetically pleasing way to cure the light leaks, since I love having a camera that can shoot 127 film that I can hold in just one hand.

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