Monday, May 2, 2011

Name Forgotten (IV)

Oh, where do I start with this crummy picture which is both blurry and suffers from the flash getting flashed twice in quick succession by the YashMat. I hadn't done any night flash shooting with the YashMat for quite some time, and forgot how fickle it could be with triggering the flash at certain speeds. I knew I should have done some tests before my outing to Flemington (see, I didn't forget, we'll get to that story. I know I'm full of unkept promises and very few miles to go before I sleep, but maybe this one I'll really get to keeping. It also smells like chopped liver in here for some reason. It's weird).

The other thing that saddens me about this photo is that I have two more portraits shot that are pretty much like this, and they were shots that I really wanted to come out well. Well, I hope that my words can do justice to the otherwise disappointing photos to come.

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