Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Starrett Lehigh

With the Nettar:

Tech Talk!
This was my first roll of Ilford Delta 100 that I developed with Diafine: 3+3 at 25.5 Celsius (room temperature). I'm not sure if it's bright from getting a little push from the developer, or maybe I miscalculated my exposure. Either way, I did like not having to deal with cooling my shit down to 20c doing a dance with mason jars, ice cubes, and one digital thermometer that gets washed and wiped down as it samples the wares of each Rubbermaid container it finds its way inside.

I'll keep on noting the Diafine pics as they're posted. But now I'm off to develop some Verichrome 116 in Diafine, using tips I got from Jacki. Her blog is over there on the right and if you think I'm into photography, I ain't nothing compared to her.

Or maybe I'm just lazy (I'd put my money on that).

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