Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Big Heart On

A ladder!

Isn't that what every girl wants on Valentime's day (yes, I said "ValentiMe's"), a big heart on a ladder?

So I saw something yesterday that kind of irked me (oh no here he goes again...).

I was looking at picture frames at my local art supply store, and came upon a company whose came I can't remember, but they featured "green" frames. Not green in color, but green as in environmentally sound. The packaging touted all sorts of reclaimed materials and recycled this and low-impact that so the buyer could feel secure knowing that they were actually helping the environment by buying their product. Per chance I flipped the fame over and saw in small writing:

Made In China

So for all they care about the environment they apparently have no qualms about doing business with one of the the biggest human rights violators on the planet (and they ain't too great when it comes to animals either).

I mean, no country is perfect, but if you're going to push some environmentally friendly mother earth loving picture frame on me, the very least you can do is show some respect for the people that live here.

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