Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Name Forgotten (III)

Well, the title may not be entirely correct. I think his name might have been Juan. I do remember it was a Spanish name, which seemed incongruous with his Australian accent. Regardless, he was very very nice. In the background is his wife and their seven week old daughter who were being sketched by an unseen sketch artist (I guess I don't have to say "unseen," it's pretty obvious there's no sketch artist in the picture). And no, they weren't tourists, they live here.

I am happy that I got the focus spot on with the Nettar with this shot. How many days in a row can I extol the virtues of this camera?

We'll find out together, won't we.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Evan, thank you for posting our photo on your website. My name is indeed "Juan" and I am glad to contribute a little incongruity to this living, breathing mass of magnificence that is New York and its people.

    Thanks again and again: Nice camera!